New Fiat Topolino: electrifying urban mobility with a unique taste of Dolce Vita


Turin, July 4th, 2023

Fiat’s mission is to continue to offer revolutionary urban mobility objects, but, in today's scenario, with a twist, a different, fresher narrative: with the Topolino, the Brand contributes importantly to the urban sustainable mobility, making a significant step towards a joyful complete electrification. Fiat Topolino will make young people fall in love with “car” again, fascinating the Gen Z, a young audience which has big attention to the sustainability topics with a high sensitivity and desire for an environmentally, personal, friendly driving and transport solution. Topolino also represents the four-wheeled dream of Riviera enthusiasts, being the perfect vehicle to experience the Italian summer on the narrow roads of the Italian beautiful coastline. An extraordinary duality: ideal for both small seaside villages and the chaotic city center.

Italian beauty and freedom in its simplicity
The Fiat Topolino is the 500's little sister, takes its name and design from the original 500, affectionately called ‘Topolino’ because of the small size, enlarging the family and consolidating the leadership in the urban sustainable mobility. Its style, like that of its predecessor, is driven by a powerful simplicity, a design that revolves around 'less is more' and that heals simplicity as the best companion to its beauty. Freedom is the key word: share it with your loved ones, drive it everywhere and in any weather conditions and then, park it wherever you want. Compared to a scooter, it represents an infinite range of possibilities. It can be driven despite unfavorable weather conditions, it is safer in its construction, and it allows you to share your journeys with friends or family. The line-up consists of two different bodies, one closed and one open, both consistent in their structural characteristics: one color, Verde Vita, one wheel design and one aesthetic approach for the interior. Thanks to its extremely small size compared to a normal car (2.53 meters length), its ease of handling and a safe top speed of 45 km/h, Topolino reignites the desire to travel the roads stress-free. Versatile, the two models feature great electric capability due to a 5,4 kWh battery that offers up to 75km of range and a less than four-hour time for a full charge. More than what you need for your seaside days or daily rush in the city centers. Small dimension, with an impressive space habitability, thanks to the two misaligned seats, the extensive glass surface that considerably expands the perception of space in its entirety, but especially thanks to strategic storage spaces, such as the one between the driver and passenger where one suitcase can be placed, for a total of 63 liters of interior storage space.

Dolce Vita personalization
Delicate personalization can be done to the Fiat Topolino to emphasize its summery, Riviera character even more: it will in fact be possible to add a super cool and exclusive shower designed for those days spent on the beach along the Italian coast. The closed version can be customized with wooden effect stickers on the doors, while in the open version the stickers – with stripes as a summer tent - can be added to the roof giving an extra touch of Dolce Vita. Both versions are equipped with the Rear Carriage, the Dolcevita Box, which is an elegant and functional band of fabric inside which personal items can be stored, and vintage chrome effect mirrors. What differentiates them is the addition of both the Dolcevita Door Sills and Door Rope in the open version, and the Roof Sunblind in the closed one. Moreover, optional accessories can be found on the Fiat Accessories webpage or at Fiat dealerships to satisfy all customers’ needs. Here, five different items will be available, which are perfectly in line with the Topolino style: a spacious rack bag, a USB fan, a Bluetooth speaker, a thermal water bottle for both hot and cold drinks, and two seat covers that convert into comfortable and soft beach towels when required. All of them, obviously, realized in Verde Vita.

A simple and joyful customer digital journey in just 3 clicks.
In order to offer an even more lean and intuitive customer experience, the purchasing process of the new Fiat Topolino is incredibly simple: just 1 model, 3 clicks to configure and buy the vehicle, and the easiest shopping experience that allows customers to track and follow their order.

On the launch of the Topolino on July 4th, a special “Be the first” initiative will be available in Italy and France on Fiat’s website, for those who want to be the first to drive their new electric quadricycle. The Topolino will arrive first in Italy by the end of the year.

The new Topolino is perfectly in line with Fiat's mission of being a leader in urban sustainable mobility and accessible to everyone. In fact, it can be purchased with a monthly rate in line with the needs and possibilities of its targeted audience. An affordable monthly amount of money conceived to promote electric city lifestyles and usually spent on a subscription for a pay-per-view TV or what you’ll pay as monthly fee for public transports.

Turin, July 4th, 2023

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In an homage to its flexibility, the new Doblò is available in two lengths and three different configurations (VAN, Crew Cab, Combi) and offers a wide range of engines which are capable of satisfying any needs.Close attention was given to the vehicle’s comfort during the design phase to consider the needs of professionals who use their vehicle eight or more hours a day. The goal is to offer a stress-free work experience with sound insulation and suspension designed to reduce bumps and vibrations.The “Magic Features” of the Doblò provide the vehicle with the most in modularity, sustainability and safety, making it an even more reliable, versatile and flexible work companion.Magic Cargo allows for a 0.5 m3 increase in Cargo Volume and the possibility of loading long objects like pipes or ladders reaching up to 3.4 m of load length. Additionally, adding even more space, it is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment underneath for boxes or fragile objects. There is also a rotating tray table to turn the Doblò cabin into a mobile office as needed.Moreover, the Magic Mirror is a 5” digital rearview mirror providing three different views: a rearview mirror, a complete view of the blind spot area and rear parking camera improving visibility and safety.Lastly, thanks to Magic Plug, available only on the E-Doblò, it is possible to use the electric energy produced by the battery for specific conversion needs like a cargo fridge or a workbench for power tools.In the full-electric version as well, the E-Doblò offers top-class payload – up to 800 kg on both wheelbases– allowing to load up to 2 euro-pallets; while in the ICE version, Doblò can reach up to one ton of load.

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